Wednesday, September 28, 2011

serious business

This past summer I left behind the only place I had ever lived, Chicago.  And my family, friends, a city where I didn’t need to know how to drive, locally made pita bread & corn tortillas, Herb Kent on V103, Lake Michigan, an abundance of shops & boutiques that get it, The Reader, 1950’s dresses with tags sewn in the seams from Marshall Fields or Carson Pirie Scott, fake Hello Kitty junk from Chinatown, millions of little things you take for granted when you just grow up with it.  Plus a vintage shop that I helped to open & co-owned for almost three years.  

We moved to Indianapolis to live in a magical mid century modern house in the woods that my husband Tim & I can call our own.  I love it here & am embracing this new life.  I feel so far away from Chicago not only in distance, but from the stage of life I was stuck in there.  Now that we are more or less settled in, I need to get back to work! This time online, Etsy & perhaps a bit of eBay.  After literally thousands of satisfied customers online & in person, I am pretty much starting from scratch again. It has really intimidated me whenever I think about getting into it.  I’ve never really kept a blog.  I need a new camera.  I don’t have a model to work with here.  But its all about fresh starts right!  

Plus shopping here has been phenomenal & I haven’t really held back one bit.. which leads to Tim sweetly asking when I plan on selling again.  Guilt!  I’ve got the inventory ladies! Lots & lots & lots!  I’ve collected vintage since high school.  Some of my earliest memories are shopping in Salvation Armies with my mom.  When we moved & I unpacked my wardrobe I really picked out the gems that I was hoarding & plan on unleashing them to the world.  Since getting here I have found some of my favorite things EVER.  So I’ve just got to get to it!