Monday, October 17, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend I celebrated my third anniversary with my husband Tim!  The actual date is on Tuesday, but we took advantage of the weekend & had our fun!  We went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for the first time & it was gorgeous.  We are big museum goers & I was a bit apprehensive of moving away from my beloved Chicago institutions.  But the IMA was great, and um FREE!  All the time!  For real!  Free admission to the museum & the 100 acre park it sits on.  Which is all really really lovely!  I kind of can't get over it.

Anyways, I took advantage of such a fun day with perfect fall weather that I did a tiny fashion shoot in the backyard before I left :)

Sunny fall days!

 Omg, my new obsession. It's magnetic nail polish! Its filled with iron powder.  You paint a thick coat on & hold the magnet thats in the cap over the nail for about 10 seconds.  Instant nail art that is like nothing I've seen.  I love it so much & kinda want the other color now!  Picked this up at Sephora!

Vintage Vera Bradley animal print purse.  Love this!  I kinda love old Vera Bradley stuff & have come across a few cool pieces here in her home state of Indiana.  Got this one in Nashville.

Missoni for Target tights.  I totally went to Target at the crack of dawn when this debuted & got a bunch of awesome things.  I had no idea it was going to be such a spectacle, but sure enough there was a lady who spent over a thousand dollars.  Insane!  I like my tights though! :)  Dansko shoes.

Thrifted linen/cotton sleeveless dress.  H&M slouchy linen blend sweater.  

Thrifted Banana Republic belt.  My lipstick is Nars in Dragon Girl.  I LOVE that darn lip pencil. I was wearing while waiting for my food in a vegan restaurant in Cincinnati recently & I heard the guy at the counter say "this is for the woman in the red lipstick".  Hee!!  It gets you noticed!

Classic Robert Indiana!  I didn't take any photos inside the museum because I always find it really distracting when other people do.  But outdoors was fair game!  There were a bunch of photo shoots going on in the gardens.  Lots of engagement photos & high school senior photos.  I can't even imagine in the spring with bridal parties!  It is so gorgeous though, who can blame anyone.

I keep saying "It is so Fall" in an idiotic Rachel Zoe accent to Tim when we drive around, but there is still plenty of green out there!

Tim makes me laugh so much I can't even deal sometimes!  He really is my best friend :)


Well I've got lots of photo editing & listing on Etsy to do today, so I best get crackin'.  I also need to wrap up some gorgeous '50s clear vinyl pinup heels I sold!  First sale!  Yaaaay!!!