Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Deer!

Well today I finally got to listing on Etsy!  There is so much work "behind the scenes" & I've been caught up in all that.  Formating, photographing, setting up the guts of it all!  Plus I seem to have a few million things to steam! :)  How exciting to finally get to work!

This morning I hung around the house drinking coffee & listening to the birds outside go nuts!   The past few days they have just been chirping & singing & calling like nobodies business.  Last parties before the long flight south I guess??

THEN!  In the afternoon while I was working on my Etsy I looked outside of our window in the back & there was a baby deer feeding on our grass & dandelions!  We see deer all the time, which is so crazy to me.  Crazy.  But baby deers!  Babies!  Well it was more like a child deer, but still.  Deer children! I got to snap my first photos of one since the camera was nearby.   Exciting times people, exciting times!

We have problems with the deer eating the birdseed from the bird feeder, the corn cobs we put out for the squirrels, and they totally ate the hostas in the front.  These are definitely not city problems! :)

Later when Tim got home we went to the farmers market & got a 28 pound pumpkin.  I really held back because I totally could of gotten a 50 pound guy!  Maybe next year...

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