Thursday, October 20, 2011

no sun no fun

Still raining today!  It's pretty much like I live in Forks, Washington.  Yes I did just say that.  So today I am posting some photos I took last week when the sun was shining away!

We are lucky enough to have two greenhouse windows in our home!  One is above the kitchen sink.  When I was describing our house to my mom she said "Well if it has a window over the kitchen sink then you will be living in my dream home!".  Truly! :)  

Speaking of mom, she is visiting all next week!  For the first time!  It will just be her because dad has to work.  My mom helps care for my younger brother Ben's baby during the week while him & Jasmine are in school.  So visiting my little forest home will be a tiny vacation for mom.  Tim & I are driving to Chicago to pick her up on Saturday & I'm excited for all the thrifting & relaxing that's in store!! :)

I've filled the window with some of the vintage planters I've collected over the years.  Little wooden bird is from a German shop.

Pretty much we can only do cacti, succulents, & non tempting plants for cats :( Stupid Bea eats ALL OF IT otherwise, and the pukes it up & I get so. mad.  So. Mad.  As a matter of fact, the pink girl in this shot has since been killed off by Bea.  I picked it up at Ikea only a couple weeks ago & thought I could get it past her.  Nope!! 

Cute Berggren sugar & creamer!  Cute Berggren fruit tile!  I collect lots of Berggren!!  I found the little wooden mushroom missing its original figure, so I glued that vintage yellow rabbit on there.  Looks pretty snazzy if I say so myself! ;)  

Ok I've got loads of cleaning to do for the visit.  Even though luckily my mom isn't judgemental at all & could care less if I missed a spot!


  1. I love all of these succulents. I have problems with my cats eating things too....from plastic flowers to real plants....perhaps cacti are the way to go? ;-)

    And I love your little knickknacks! Precious :-)

  2. you know, i really think succulents are such a good way to go for greens in the house ANYWAY, since you can just clip and clip and have so many! edgar eats flowers too, those JERKS.

  3. So sick of cats!!!!!!!!!!!! (( I do love them :) ))