Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct 18th

Today is my official anniversary!  Three years of marriage, though we've been together for TEN!

Time flies, I think thats how we ended up waiting so long to make it official!  Our wedding was small & in the backyard of our apartment in Chicago.  It was really magical and full of great memories for us both.  I wore a 60's beaded sheath and put on this 50s beaded cardigan later in the evening.  Oooh & these!  Make up Forever lashes, & yes the style name is "Emily" :)

Anyways!  Did a bit of thrifting.  I took some photos of the treasures I pulled which was really fun to set up.  That was one that I loved about owning a shop, the merchandising!  Setting up my finds was a tiny bit like that, so I think I am going to try & stick with taking a few shots of whatever I come up with.  Except I didn't do any of clothing.. we'll see about that!

And you know, if you see anything that catches your eye, let me know!  Cos I hoard tons of this shit & you may never see it on my etsy unless you ask! :) Haha! 

Love vintage craft books! 

Until next time sweet peas!


  1. I love the dress you wore for your wedding!! It sounds as if your wedding was charming. Can't wait to stop by your blog again.

  2. The Santa jug! My Mum has the exact same one! I was brought up with that jug! :D