Monday, November 21, 2011

dreams do come true

Well folks, today dreams came true! My vintage furry owl totally did it! He made it to the front page of etsy in a cute winter treasury list!  Hopefully it is the first of many times ;)

View an Etsy Front Page Treasury List - The Vault on Craft Cult

Super fun weekend with some thrifting (oh hi Dries Van Noten) some cleaning & sprucing up, & most importantly I got to meet baby Hazel!  She is an exceptionally sweet pea & looks exactly like an Eloise Wilkin illustration.  I am in love!  Also Brian & Natalie got to see our new home for the first time which was really fun!! We just chilled out baby style & ate homemade soup Tim cooked up.  Vegetarian Southern New Years Day Soup.  Sigh. You can find the recipe here & know that it comes highly recommended!!  So so good.  Oooh we also found this really great donut shop here, straight out of the 60's complete with bright orange stools & a cute counter & the hugest cups of coffee.  We got a bunch of donuts for our guests & have been enjoying them to the max.  Mmmm maraschino cherry donut mmmmm. 

Now time to get ready for Thanksgiving!  We are planning a vegetarian meal & hosting my in-laws & there is kind of so much to do!  Yikes!  Getting on it  RIGHT. NOW!

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