Friday, November 11, 2011

hats & books

Oh my gosh, just checked my blog & it seems I won the Eka hat giveaway at Freelancer's Fashionblog!  How fricking exciting!  And how perfect, because it is certainly getting chillier by the minute here.   I'll definitely take photos when it arrives :)

Other than that I've been keeping busy with house guests & continuing to work on building my vintage empire! ;)  Plus I've got something big I'm working on that takes up alot of my time, but more about that later...

I've got some really cute things on Etsy right now.  Some black label Frye boots.  A furry owl.  I've got a killer Anna Sui that I've got to get listed asap.  Oh!  A week or so ago I listed the awesome copy of The Golden Book of Biology that I found, which you can check out here!  Illustrated beautifully by Charley Harper, each page is a total feast for your mid century modern eyes!  It was really tempting to keep this treasure, but I've got to focus!  My childrens book collection leans more towards story books like classic Little Golden Books..  So I thought I'd put this one out there in the world, & I believe mine is the most reasonably priced that is floating out there right now so thats exciting!  Anyways, I took some photos so we can all enjoy a bit.

Aren't they just gorgeous & graphic & awesome?!!

Do you collect any types of books?  Do you want to buy me a third bookshelf??  Haha I really need one!! ;)


  1. Yay! I love Charley Harper! Are you from Chinchilla in Qld? I have family from there :) thanks for following me too!
    Toni xo

  2. Ooops! I didn't see you were from Indiana! We have a town called Chinchilla here too in Australia :)

  3. :) Ohhh I'd love to visit Chinchilla in Australia!! :) I've always wanted to go! Until then indeed I'm here in my new home of Indiana!