Tuesday, November 15, 2011


One thing I was worried about moving away from Chicago was leaving my local grocery markets behind.  I was really spoiled by Andy's Fruit Market on Kedzie, Harvest Time on Lawrence, and even stupid crappy Stanley's on Elston.  And you know, its not the same.  Tim & I have pita shaped holes in our hearts when we get to thinking about Sanabel & all the beautiful things we made out of hot, fresh, incredible pitas that were a dollar a bag.  A DOLLAR.  But here in Indianapolis we have discovered Saraga International Grocery.  It's got it all, even things we have never seen!  I mean, weird grocery stores are a hobby for us!  It's a big deal!  Its huge & weird & has fresh pita or naan (not as amazing Sanabel's, but a good start..) It has a gross meat section, some cute oddball housewares, good basics & random impulse buys.  Scary things in jars.  Mustard oil that you aren't supposed to eat.  The last time we went there was a booth in front selling appointments with a photographer that could take a photo of you & your man, then make it look like you were inside a giant cognac glass.   Glamour!!!!

Here are a few little finds, on retrospect Pickapeppa sauce isn't that wild, but it is tasty!  (it tastes like A-1 sauce)

Tim drank that Jamaican mountain man soda & it was fermented & sort of alcoholic & super stinky & gross!  Awesome!  Also I haven't had that particular can of Coco Rico & it was delicious.

These were darn good.

Little kitchen flowers

I haven't made either of these yet!  But I've been on a big coconut kick for a few years so I have to try the DoFu Delight!  

We cook with the squid sauce a few times a week, this is our second bottle of that brand.  Also I love sodas in glass bottles!

We haven't tried either of these yet, but that sardine can is too pretty to open anyhow! :)

These are (were) YUMMY!  Crispy sweet little biscuit cookies, way good.  The ginger candies were good & spicy & sticky!

Cans of pina colada that are... kind of cupboard decoration cos they are too cute to eaaaaat! ;)  Those nacho chips were gross.  The Irish Moss is another Jamaican drink, it was like a peanut butter milkshake in a can.  Kinda gross & kinda good!  Probably more gross though..

Saraga is the first place we came across Tapatio chips!!!  Tapatio is the best hot sauce, yum.  Well, I mean I love Sri Racha & Tabasco as well, but mmmm Tapatio.  These Tapatio con limon Ruffles were really delicious junk food!

Annnd then I found Tapatio Doritos while visiting Chicago.  They were in a dollar store & I bought several bags.  I am now burnt out on Tapatio Doritos & probably won't buy them again.  Aaaand after searching for them for like 6 months and getting so excited to randomly find them, they are available in the chip aisle at Kroger.  Which was exciting, but I was already over them by that time!  Yikes.

Crunching!  Not organic, not very good for you, but c'mon!  Once & awhile you have to give in! This is in front of our 1960 Frigidaire Flair oven.  Someday I'll write a blog post on her!  

There are a bunch other ethnic grocery stores we are dying to check out here, I'll keep you updated!  In the meantime, buy a can of something mysterious & tell me how it goes! :)


  1. why oh why didn't i eat some tapatio chips?! i gotta start stalking some markets for those, but i swear i would have noticed them!

  2. My local market.in rogers park carries some of these brands. I've often wondered about the iris moss....thanks for sharing. I think I'll pass. The chips though? Yum!

  3. I would definitely go for the Ruffles over the Doritos, & this is coming from a (secret) Dorito lover! ;)